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GDPR Blocking & Tackling

“Think of the number of touchpoints involved in just one travel itinerary,” said Samantha Simms, a London-based information law attorney and founder of The Information Collective who specializes in GDPR issues and data privacy strategy for large multinational organizations.


GDPR: The Checklist

On that note, refreshing your privacy policy is another important early move. According to Samantha, it’s likely that you’ll be looking at an "extensive rewrite" of your existing policy, which must show a lawful basis for processing data.


Uber Is Under Fire for Response to Security Breach

Founder and principal consultant of The Information Collective Samantha Simms voiced sharp criticism of Uber's secrecy surrounding the massive data breach the sharing economy company reported last week after knowing of the breach for more than a year.

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Women You Should Know 2018

Simms’ company, launched in October, simplifies privacy and data protection issues for multinational organizations. “We like our preferences to be recorded, but we do not want to feel as though we are being monitored,” she said. “There is a very thin line between helpful and creepy. I advise businesses on how to stay...